Is that Wrong?

There are so many things that happen around me that I don't seem to understand or things that I do and I'm not sure it's acceptable. So I wanted to share.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

If there is a guaranteed pass into Heaven, I know a couple people who would get the golden ticket. Not that I necessarily believe in Heaven in the whole “fire & brimstone” way. But that is for another discussion.

The first who would receive a guaranteed pass into heaven is my brother-in-law, whom Craig & I just refer to as “St. Dan”. Keep in mind that St. Dan is married to my sister and I love her dearly, but if they ever divorced, I’m not positive I wouldn’t follow him. He is amazing. I’m sure that my sister would disagree with me because we all run our own households a bit different, but St. Dan seems to do it all. He cooks and cleans and watches the kids and works a full time job but will take time off in case something is needed. He helps my parents whenever they need it and seems to do it all with a smile on his face, a joke on his lips and no drinking. Yep, you read that right, he doesn’t seem to drink much. That just fascinates me – he can do it all and not drink to keep himself sane.

The other who is guaranteed a pass is my friend, Mrs. HS. She’s the busiest person I know. From volunteering to running her kids here and there to planning events and what-nots. AND she always seems to have someone else’s kid(s) with her or in the house. Regardless of the circumstances, she always takes in other kids if the parents need a little time to go shopping or work or get a massage or who knows. And not all the kids are nice. Not all the kids are well-behaved. Hers are. Strangely so. I think she’s the only parent I know that actually applies the Love & Logic Parenting approach and it works. She’s consistent. It causes me a twinge of envy but that‘s for another post as well. She’s had kids at her house early and late. She’s had kids cause damage to her walls and her carpets. Never once did she admit that she beat any of them. Since she’s also the most honest person I know, I have to believe that there were no beatings.

The last person is my friend, RT. She has her own kids, and her own things to deal with but dang! It never fails, if she heads outside to let her kids play, there are 2-4 more who just APPEAR! The other parents don’t seem to come out of the house to see where their kids are. It’s like the kids walk out the front door, arrive at my friend’s house, start to tear apart all the toys, destroy the yard (or the inside of the house) and I swear I’ve never seen any other parent walk out and see where those kids are. I know they don’t call. It’s like it’s some type of “if they aren’t in the house, they must be there” sorta thing. I consider it rude. If RT asks the kids to go home, they come right back. Wouldn’t you think that if your kids were gone, you weren’t sure where they were and they come home to tell you where they were and were asked to go home – you’d keep them home? One would think, but not some of these parents. What’s wrong with people?!?!?!

RT & Mrs. HS put up with a lot of crap. To which, I’m always telling them they are too nice. I don’t have that problem. I’m not sure that too many people want me to actually watch their kids. Is that wrong? That I don’t seem to be nice enough for people to want their kids here? Should I count my lucky stars and realize that I don’t get a pass to heaven? Good thing I’m not sold on the whole heaven thing anyway.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I found out that someone I am in a club with has a blog (Domestic Oblivion). Since I find her hysterical - I figured I'd check it out. I'm now hooked. I can't stop until I've reached the latest post. I don't do the dishes, I don't clean my desk, I ignore my kids - is that wrong? To be so absorbed in someone else's shit that you forget your own? Of course, I can't post a comment to her until I finish. Would hate to post a comment on something she said a year ago - but I'm going to. I think it might become one of my daily net-checks.

Now, because of this, I've decided that I need to blog. For any real reason? Nope. Do I have anything really profound to announce? Nope. Do I feel that someone’s life might be altered by anything I have to write? Nope. It's all purely selfish. I keep trying to keep a journal but who has time to actually take pen to paper? I tried an online personal diary but it ended up just being a record of all the crap my oldest kid had to put up from his dad. This might be the next best thing. I need to dump all these feelings and thoughts; my husband reminds me all the time that he's not my girlfriend so really doesn't want to chat about "girl stuff" and all my friends are busy so why not unleash elsewhere? So here we go. "Is that Wrong?" is born. And in perfect timing because I'm really pissy and need to get rid of thoughts before I pull a "Ya-Ya". Remember "Ya, Ya Sisterhood" when Ashley Judd just leaves everything and everyone, drives off in her slip and fur coat just to hide out in some random hotel, drinking and smoking and sleeping? I want to do that. I want to just run away from everything. Drink like I don't have to get up and take care of kids. Smoke like I didn't quit 6 years ago and sleep like I've got the flu. Of course, I'd never do it. Not because my husband couldn't take care of thing without me (aside from actually deep-cleaning the house and doing laundry, he's totally self-sufficient), but I would be riddled with self-imposed guilt because I really should be ironing shirts and picking up toys instead of smoking & drinking myself to sleep.

So we’ll ride this out. See if it works. See if anyone reads it. Maybe I’ll turn out to actually be funny.